Our goal is to reach and disciple the lost through campaign style evangelistic initiatives among the worlds overlooked and unreached people groups.

  • Evangelistic. We are committed to the simplicity of the Gospel, proclaimed with Signs Wonders and in Power
  • Gospel Campaigns: Every year we facilitate between four and six campaign-style outreaches. Whole communities have been touched by the Gospel, as tens of thousands of people will gather in open fields to hear the Gospel- many for the first time.
  • Empowering and Releasing: We seek to provide opportunities and mentorship for upcoming young evangelists to develop their gifts
  • Relevant: Our desire is to be relevant to the unsaved in both method and message. Through utilization of extreme sports, hip hop dance, and young evangelists, we have successfully impacted groups who would otherwise never hear the message.

Our goal is to leave a long-term sustainable impact in the regions where we minister by holding conferences, opening bibles schools and providing resources for Christian leaders and believers.

  • Training and Equipping: Conferences and workshops are held with the sole purpose of equipping believers for a lifestyle of supernatural evangelism.
  • Mobile Bible Schools: Through partnerships we have planted multiple small bible schools in Africa that are discipling and training leaders.
  • Resources and Translations:We are involved in translating and distributing tens of thousands of books and bibles to help establish believers in the good news of the Gospel.
  • Church Planting: We are assisting in focused church planting initiatives in Zambia and Tanzania.
  • Intensives and Internships:We are developing short term intensive as well as yearlong internship programs, designed to raise up a generation of who knows their God and will show forth His love and power in the nations.

Our goal is to develop and help fund the L3 Africa missions base in Nakonde, Zambia, which includes Home of Hope orphanage and Hope Christian Academy.

  • Holistic:Working holistically in both scope and outreach, we seek to make a measurable difference by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of people. (Home of Hope Orphanage, the farming project and Hope Christian Academy in Zambia are examples)

Our goal is to provide quality short term mission trips for believers from around the world to accompany us to the harvest fields.

  • We organize 2-3 mission trips annually, taking teams into the some of the world’s least reached areas. Team members will be trained and equipped to do the works of Jesus by sharing the Gospel, healing the sick and extending the love of God to the hurting and broken, The most common testimony to come from those who come is “my life will never be the same

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