Condemnation: The faith killer

Copy of Copy of The FAITH OF JESUS copy I believe that one reason, if not the primary one, that believers fail to experience the abundant life and the victory that Jesus purchased for them is condemnation. More specifically, this is the condemnation that we feel from trying to live under law. Living under condemnation makes it nearly impossible to trust God and to walk in faith to experience His blessings. Continue reading

Trust the promise maker

Trust the promise makerI’ll never forget a time, years ago, when God startled me with these words, “Son you don’t really understand the Gospel.” I found myself very upset by this. You have to understand why this offended me. I was an evangelist. Though young, I had already led thousands to the Lord. In my mind, I knew the Gospel, and to a degree I did. The truth was that I had a “but” Gospel. A “but” gospel goes something like this: Continue reading

Does what you believe about end times really matter?


Does it matter what you believe about end time events?

One of the most divisive doctrines in the church is end-time teaching, a.k.a. eschatology. Because of this many Christians have taken the approach that says, “it doesn’t really matter what you believe about eschatology” or as one well-known preacher used to say, “pre- trib?…post-trib? I am pan-trib….it will all pan-out in the end.”  Continue reading

A journey into the Father’s heart: Part 3

images-2Many of us can relate to the young man. His sin was the sin of the law-breaker. It was obvious and it was blatant rebellion. The father’s amazing grace arrested him, set him free, and restored him. However, the story is about two sons. Both sons were prodigals, both were lost, and both had broken their father’s heart. However most of us skim over the remaining verses of the story and don’t take them to heart. Many sincere believers in the body of Christ fall into the older brother category.

The story continues…. Continue reading

A journey into the Father’s heart: Part 2


Jesus portrayed the true God who was good, loving, kind and accessible. The Pharisees portrayed a false god who was harsh, demanding, and easily offended. The sinners and tax collectors drew near to Jesus because He made them feel loved.  Because He loved them, they followed Him, and because they followed Him, He changed them!

Unlike any other story in scripture  the love of God comes screaming through in the parable of the prodigal son. I want to unpack for you the true meaning of this beautiful story that Jesus told to help his hearers understand just how great, big and loving God really is.

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A journey into the Father’s heart: Part 1

images-1Trust is the basis for any relationship. It also is required by God, as the author of Hebrews wrote: “…he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” ( Hebrews 11:6)

It truly is impossible to trust someone you don’t know- even if he loves and values you. We often think that the emphasis of the Gospel is on how we are to love God.  However, the real message of the Gospel is about how God loves us and, in fact, loved us first. Loving God is not a criterion to be saved, however, believing God loves you isnecessary. Our false perceptions of God and the Gospel have caused the world to run from, instead of running into, the arms of the loving God. Continue reading

The meaning of Christ’s cross

ddddOver the years many people have sought to soften the message of the cross, in order to make it palatable for the society in which they lived. Theologians have begun to look for a ‘softer’ definition and reason as to why the Son of God would have to die on the cross in such a gross and inhuman display of suffering. Continue reading

Putting Jesus back in the Gospel

What you believe the Gospel to be is potentially the most important aspect of your relationship with God. You win or lose in life by the Gospel you choose.

In Christian society, the Gospel can mean anything from a type of music to the Bible in general to promises of Heaven or threats of  Hell. So what is the Gospel? The first century church believed the Gospel to such an extent that they were willing to give up their possessions, yes, even at times their own lives for what they believed about the Gospel.  Continue reading

Religions best kept secret

For many, the Christian life becomes an endless frustration, where nothing seems to work.  Many sincere believers retreat back into the shadows of mediocrity and accept defeat because they are not able to get the truth of the gospel to work in their lives. Continue reading

New Covenant prayer

UnknownThe biggest difficulty for those who begin to understand the message of Christ’s finished work is that they no longer know how to pray.

We might ask, “If Christ already did it, what or why should we pray?” Questions like this reveal a major misunderstanding in the area of prayer. Continue reading