You too can operate in power!

images-1The reason God places his Holy Spirit upon us is not only to proclaim but to demonstrate the Good News.

The gospel is the greatest emancipation proclamation of the ages. The price has been paid! Jesus died for your sins; he has set you free from the penalty of sin, sickness and death. Continue reading

God wants you well!

images If you read the book of Acts it is clear that New Testament evangelism includes healing the sick and casting out demons.  But what is the purpose of these things?

Among other things miracles show the nature and character of God. Jesus life is an example of what it looks like when God himself puts on a human body and comes down to life on planet earth. Continue reading

Gifts to win our world


imagesMiracles and healing continue to be the subject of much confusion and tension within the body of Christ. One group tends to focus solely on this aspect of the Gospel, while another group ignores it all together. Still others create silly doctrines to justify the reason they don’t see things happening. Continue reading

A new breed of evangelist


God is raising up a new breed of evangelists in the world!

Unfortunately, many evangelists of past generations have been known by their hard preaching against sin, their pronouncements of God’s judgment and lack of love….However I believe this new breed of evangelists will be marked and known for their proclamation of the Good News and their operation in the power of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

1. God’s design

ppEvery person alive on planet earth instinctively knows that God exists. Deep in their hearts, from a stockbroker on Wall Street to a poor villager in rural Africa, each person deals with certain questions about the reality of life, God and eternity. Philosophical questions are asked at one time by every person who has ever lived. Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my value and purpose? Why is there injustice? Is there an afterlife? Continue reading

2. Our deception

44Genesis chapter 3 is possibly the saddest chapter in all of scripture. The author had just described the perfect creation of God, his handiwork, his investment and his love that he put into everything he created. Man and woman, Adam and Eve, were the crown of his creation, the object of his love and affection. As a parent with a child, God desired the best for his children. Continue reading

3. The great exchange

img_6466God is love and love refuses to give up. The greatest demonstration of the love of God is found in the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. No other definition of love can come close to what God did for us.

Redemption was not a spur of the moment idea; it was not a desperate attempt on Jesus’ part to keep God from killing us. Redemption was planned from before the world began. It was prophesied moments after Adam and Eve lost everything in the garden. Continue reading

4. The call to follow

picThe most important question we need to ask ourselves is, “Who is Jesus to me?” Is he just a prophet or miracle worker? Is he just a god among the god’s? People need to understand that saving faith is living faith; it is a personal faith. He becomes your Lord, your Savior. You become his disciple and his follower. Continue reading