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Copy of Understanding the Gospel of the Kingdom

Understanding the Gospel of the Kingdom

The Gospel of the Kingdom is one of the least understood and most foundational truths of the whole Bible. In fact, I would say that the Kingdom of God is key to understanding the whole Bible.
The purpose of Jesus’ coming was not only to die for our sins so we can be forgiven and go to heaven. Jesus came to reveal the Father, destroy the works of the devil and rescue the world through his once for all sacrifice! He came to set the world right and that starts with us submitting to the Lordship of Jesus and entering into that Kingdom by faith in His finished work of redemption.
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The struggle for faith lies in the fact that too many well-meaning Christians mix the  Old Covenant with the New Covenant. Many believers know more about the 10 commandments than they do about what Jesus accomplished for them on the cross. They are disciples of Moses when instead, they should be disciples of Jesus.

This message that was shared in Kansas City will help you move your faith out of the old and into the new and better covenant that we share as believers. Click the picture above to watch the teaching. 


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