The people of Northern Zambia live with extreme challenges, as the region has limited infrastructure. They have struggled with challenges around health, nutrition, and lack of opportunity throughout modern times. Due to this situation, the mortality rate is extremely high and there are many orphans in the area, some of whom have been taken in by the Home of Hope orphanage ( This document will detail plans to provide education for approximately 275 children in the area.


The Hope Christian Academy will provide education for approximately 275 students, grades K through 7th. The students served will consist of the children of the Home of Hope orphanage, as well as a large number of children in the community. The facility will also provide employment for a number of qualified, educated local staff who will serve as teachers.



PHASE I (spring/summer 2019) Estimated costs $25,000

  • The initial startup of the Hope Christian Academy will involve the acquisition and development of the physical land and structures required in the founding of the school. The land purchase is complete, due to the generosity of a long-time L3 donor. The foundation and building structures are already started that will provide 6 classrooms.

PHASE II (Spring/Summer 2019) Estimated costs $9,000

  • Phase II will run concurrently with Phase I and involve the acquisition of certifications, development of staff, and acquisition of curriculum and operating equipment. This will largely involve working closely with the Ministry of Education of Zambia (MEZ) and defining of the programs for the school.

PHASE III (Fall/Winter 2019) Estimated costs $5,000

  • Phase III sees the facility go through final inspections, startup, and establishes an oversight board to insure sustainability. It also brings in additional amenities, such as sports programs and additional infrastructure. Phase III will begin with the completion of Phase I and II and the awarding of the operating permit by the Minister of Education.