Like you, we think long-term. And we think sustainable.

We are deeply committed to training, equipping and empowering local believers to be witnesses in their nations and cities. Through this we are able to leave a long-term sustainable influence in the communities with whom we operate and partner.

Multiple programs and initiatives are being used with the sole purpose of multiplying harvest workers.

  • Training and Equipping: Conferences and workshops are held with the sole purpose of equipping believers for a lifestyle of biblical evangelism.
  • Mobile Bible Schools: Through partnerships we have planted multiple small bible schools in Africa that are discipling and training leaders.
  • Resources and Translations: We have been involved in translating and distributing tens of thousands of books and bibles to help establish believers in the good news of the Gospel.
  • Intensives and Internships: We are developing short term intensive as well as yearlong internship programs, designed to raise up a generation of fiery Gospel proclaimers for the end-time harvest.

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Thousands of leaders and believers have gone through our conferences that run alongside the evangelistic campaigns in the cities where we minister. We also have held seminars for evangelists and leaders in America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
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