We believe in the impact of public proclamation. 

This ministry is committed to reaching the least reached. At the very center of our vision is the proclamation of the Gospel with signs and wonders following. We believe if we only help people physically we are overlooking the most important part, which is introducing lost people to Jesus, then helping them develop a vibrant relationship with Jesus through involvement in the local church.

For over 18 years we have been involved in hundreds of city and even nation wide evangelistic campaigns on 5 continents.  L3 holds 3-4 city wide evangelistic events throughout the year.


These catalyst events are exactly the mechanism Jesus used to teach so many about Himself, and the way He chose to pioneer the church on the day of Pentecost. Good News is proclaimed, faith flows freely, and miracles abound!

In Kasama, Zambia (and this is blaringly normal!), we saw an elderly lady instantly healed.  Crippled for 23 years, she walked onto the stage without aid and invited a local pastor to snap her crutches in front of thousands of on-lookers!  That night, hundreds of people met Christ for the first time in their lives!