In the very corner of northern Zambia, on the border of Malawi and Tanzania, sits a small trading town called Nakonde.  17,000 souls.  Until recently, there was little missionary presence in the region.

These forgotten people live on little income, and a scarce supply of the Gospel.

Using evangelistic festivals, prison ministry, schools and village outreaches we have seen over 80,000 people respond saying ‘yes’ to Jesus in Northern Zambia and Southern Tanzania since 2011.

Through local contacts, we began by helping local leaders pioneer the region’s first Christian orphanage.  Within weeks, friends in the US had helped raise the money needed to set-up the physical and legal structures to house up to 52 children.  What they needed was food, education, and mostly – they needed Jesus.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA48 children have been given, a home, hope, and  future in Jesus.  This work is quickly becoming a missions base and training location for all of East Africa. Plans are being made for Evangelistic campaigns and conferences not only in Zambia, and Tanzania but in Malawi, and Zimbabwe as well.

The work in Africa is overseen by L3 Africa directors Paul and Pamela Sichone. Not only do they manage the orphanage, but they oversee over a dozen churches, a bible school and direct the L3 festivals held in Africa.