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I believe that one reason, if not the primary one, that believers fail to experience the abundant life and the victory that Jesus purchased for them is condemnation. More specifically, this is the condemnation that we feel from trying to live under law. Living under...


I’ll never forget a time, years ago, when God startled me with these words, “Son you don’t really understand the Gospel.” I found myself very upset by this. You have to understand why this offended me. I was an evangelist. Though young, I had already led thousands to...

Does What You Believe About End Times Really Matter

Does it matter what you believe about end time events? One of the most divisive doctrines in the church is end-time teaching, a.k.a. eschatology. Because of this many Christians have taken the approach that says, “it doesn’t really matter what you believe about...

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Some of the most impactful and far reaching work includes the church planting and mobile bible schools that we conduct in remote villages in Africa. In Asia, programs are in place providing sound systems and training to evangelists working among the unreached. 

Equipping Leaders

Multiplying disciples through training, development, and opportunity.

Radical Compassion

Making a measurable difference by meeting physical needs.

Proclaiming Good News

Communicating the whole Gospel with the whole world.