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Home of Hope Zambia

The nation of Zambia (located in south central Africa) is making strides towards economic development; however, the remnant of orphans left behind by illness, poverty, AIDS, and broken homes remains a real and present danger to the emerging generation; especially in the north.

Despite efforts made by world relief organizations such as UNICEF and others in the south of the country, northern Zambia has been overlooked and many problems remain; creating an environment of despair and hopelessness among the people who live there. Home of Hope was designed to be a catalyst for comprehensive life-change for children. At Home of Hope, we are pioneering orphanages and care centers to make world changers from forgotten children.

Launched in 2012 in partnership with Paul and Pamela Sichone, Home of Hope has rescued over 50 children from poverty and almost certain abandonment. They are given a home, food, love, and most importantly the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Home of Hope is also committed to saving the most vulnerable- infants. During the late spring of 2015, we rescued 5 newborn babies over a short period whose mothers had died giving birth. This commitment to the helpless is a key piece of Home of Hope’s vision for the future and beyond.

When we began this wild journey to provide a home for up to 54 children in Northern Zambia, many of them were sleeping in fields, so a roof was a luxury.  We believed we could provide that roof plus beds, toys, and hope.

As we look to the future, our vision is to see every child that calls Home of Hope home transformed by the care and love they receive and go on to be difference makers in their own society and abroad.

Home of Hope is committed to shaping the destiny of our kids and long-term, sustainable solutions to ensure their success. The staff at Home of Hope are always looking to improve the quality of living for the children by maintaining and refurbishing the buildings on the HoH campus. Please consider partnering to ensure adequate day-to-day operations of the base as we work towards sustainability through our farm and print shop endeavors.

A Story of Hope

Six-year-old Memory, at Home of Hope, came in 2013.  Her mother had contracted HIV AIDS and killed herself. Two months later, Memory’s father died.  She was alone, hurting and traumatized.  Now, Memory is a healthy youngster; full of life and getting ready to start 3rd grade.


At Home of Hope, we are committed to long-term financial sustainability for day-to-day operations and seeking partners to come alongside us in our efforts to give each child an opportunity for a fulfilling life. In 2014, HofH acquired a 40-acre plot of land with the intent to grow and sell a crop as income for the orphanage. After much preparation and a team of local village farmers, the acreage cleared, cultivated and planted in corn and has already provided a significant portion of food to the orphanage. 

The “farm” is an example of Home of Hope’s commitment to sustainability and long-term growth for the future. In addition to the farm, HofH operates an office supply/ printing store in the nearby town of  Kasama.  This store provides employment for individuals in the area and another source of measurable growth income for the orphanage.

Besides providing income for local employees, all proceeds come back to the orphanage to be used for common expenses and future development.

Would you partner with the Home of Hope in Zambia to shape a child’s destiny? $50 a month lifts a child out of despair and into the arms of caring mothers who educate, feed and raise these special kids. By supporting a child from Home of Hope, not only do you shape their destiny; you can begin a personal relationship with them and even come visit on one of HofH’s annual sponsor journeys in May/June.

Become a Partner

Some of the most impactful and far reaching work includes the church planting and mobile bible schools that we conduct in remote villages in Africa. In Asia, programs are in place providing sound systems and training to evangelists working among the unreached. 

Equipping Leaders

Multiplying disciples through training, development, and opportunity.

Radical Compassion

Making a measurable difference by meeting physical needs.

Proclaiming Good News

Communicating the whole Gospel with the whole world.